MAGDAS Session Results

from ISWI UN/NASA/JAXA Workshop

Helwan University, Egypt.

6 – 10 November 2010.


Table of Contents

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Word of Thanks   (from Prof. Yumoto)

"MAGDAS Project for Litho-space Weather during ISWIh

Presented by Prof. K. Yumoto during the Instrument

Overviews Session of Day 2.

"MAGDAS Session Summary Report"

Presented by Prof. K. Yumoto during the Instrument

Reports Session of Day 5.  In this session, the PI of

each instrument array summarized the results of

their respective instrument workshop sessions.

MAGDAS Session photos

Table of Talks   ( 31 talks in total )

APPENDIX A, List of all MAGDAS Stations (3 pages)

APPENDIX B, Photos of MAGDAS-I, II, and 9 (2 pages)

APPENDIX C, Information on Data Bases of MAGDAS/CPMN

APPENDIX D, Location of MAGDAS stations (coordinates)

APPENDIX E, List of Corrected Data, and QL (Quick Look)

APPENDIX F, Two forms for getting MAGDAS data

APPENDIX G, Relevant websites (one page)