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U     Ultra
L     Large
T     Terrestrial
I     International
M     Magnetic
A     Array

A Global Magnetometer Network
for Space Physics Research


2.The first kick-off meeting on 17/11/06
3.The second annual meeting on 24/10/07
4.2008 ULTIMA General Meeting on 14/11/08
5.ULTIMA Presentation by Dr. P. Chi at IAGA Workshop, Golden, Colorado
6.2009 ULTIMA General Meeting on 13/12/09
7.2010 ULTIMA General Meeting on 12/12/10
8.2011 ULTIMA General Meeting on 04/12/11
Back issues of the ULTIMA Newsletter
1.   Volume 1, Number 1


This international consortium (ULTIMA) was formed on 17 November 2006 on the campus of UCLA (Los Angeles, California, USA). The purpose of ULTIMA is described in the opening section of the Bylaws of ULTIMA. (Click on Bylaws below.) On 17 November 2006, the following persons activiated ULTIMA by signing its Bylaws: Kiyohumi Yumoto Kyushu University, Japan Brian Fraser University of Newcastle, Australia Vassilis Angelopoulos University of California at Berkeley, USA Ian Mann University of Alberta, Canada Peter Chi UCLA, USA Christopher Russell UCLA, USA Mark Moldwin UCLA, USA David Milling University of Alberta Raymond Walker UCLA, USA George Maeda Kyushu University, Japan (has the original signed Bylaws filed) The aforementioned persons elected Professor Yumoto to be the first Chair of ULTIMA. He in turn appointed Dr Peter Chi to be the Secretary of ULTIMA. Professor Yumoto also appointed George Maeda to be Assistant Secretary for ULTIMA. The creation of ULTIMA was formally announced to the scientific community during the "Fall 2006 AGU Meeting" at San Francisco in December, 2006. The presentation was done by Dr Peter Chi. Click here to download his PDF file (about 2.3 MB in size). ------------------------------------------------- For some basic information, please click on the items below: 1. "The Bylaws" of ULTIMA (PDF Format) 2. List of "Regular Members" of ULTIMA 3. List of "Rotating Members" of ULTIMA 4. List of "Observers" of ULTIMA This website is a work in progress. If it contains an error, please send email to maeda@serc.kyushu-u.ac.jp (George Maeda). =================================================